Reading the Bible Connection Journal

Gather with your household each day for a time to be formed by God’s Word. God’s Word connects your faith to your life. Here are some simple steps for how to properly receive God’s gifts together in the Word. Pick a time to do this each day.

  1. Run through the memory work for this week once or twice (if you have some).

  2. Make the sign of the cross and remember how God has called you to be His own through your Baptism. Say a prayer for the Holy Spirit to form your faith.

  3. Consider saying the Lord’s Prayer or using an order of daily devotion from the hymnal.

  4. Find the Bible verse for the day in your Bible. Highlight the verse and read it out loud at least twice.

  5. Consider the question, and talk through together how God’s Word helps you answer the question.

  6. Say a prayer, including telling God what you’ve learned from His Word, but also thanking Him for what you’ve been given, confessing your sins, and praying for specific needs. Then, go your way in peace.

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Day 4
Day 5