A.C.T. Youth Center Project

From Old School House to Christian Youth Center.

The Old School House is over a century old, many rural country children were educated in this building. It was in continual use for church events until the early 2000s. Since then, it has been mostly abandoned.


In 2012, Pastor Phil Booe and Youth Director John Gravelle, along with the support of the ACT Youth kids, began rennovating the building for use as a YOUTH CENTER.


It has some work, but the project is very promising and with volunteer labor, donations, and your support the main floor of the building will be ready for use by Spring 2014.


For more information contact us (see form on front page)

Mopping the floor (8/11/13)
Old desks, now gone.
photo 2.JPG
Junk, now gone.
Old desks, stored in basement.
Burning old junk (8/11/13)
Cleaning up (8/11/13)
Sweeping (8/11/13)
photo 1.JPG